WebsiteURLHelps WithRegistration Required
Candy Storewww.candystand.comA portal to matching and problem solving gamesNo
Cool A wide variety of mathe related problem solvingNo software helps with story telling and computer skillsDownload for Windows and Mac
Factory Thinking/Problem SolvingNo
Kidzuiwww.kidzui.comKid Safe Portal Registration for weekly report
Mozilla Open source calendar software similar to MS OutlookDownload Windows, Mac, Linux
GnuCashhttp://gnucash.orgOpen source financial softwareDownload Windows, Mac, Linux
Open Officewww.openoffice.orgOpen source office Suite software similar to MS OfficeDownload Windows, Mac, Linux
Mozilla source,-mail software similar to MS OutlookDownload Windows, Mac, Linux
OT’s with Apps Apps for Therapy
Therapy app 411http://www.therapyapp411.comReviews Apps for TherapyNo typing for kidsNo
Eye Can Learnwww.eyecanlearn.comVision TherapyNo
Special Needs Alliance on Special Needs TrustsYou can register for a newsletter but it is not required

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