Emergency/Disaster Planning

Continuation of Comfort Planning

Planning and preparing for emergencies is critical for families in general but even more important for families dealing with special need. The added stress of an impending or sudden disaster can manifest all sort of behaviors and can be a distraction when dealing with potentially life threatening situations.  Everybody you talk to will tell you that they recognize there is a chance that they may lose their job, be affected by a natural disaster, or worst case scenario leave their child an orphan.  Chances are only a handful of people will say they are prepared or preparing for emergency.

While I am not an “expert” in disaster, preparation I do have twenty-two years experience preparing my home and family for several hurricanes, working at our County’s emergency operation center as well as food and water distribution points. Recently I completed a course on emergency preparedness from the University of Pittsburgh. However, it wasn’t until I was taking this course and was thinking about the emergency preparedness plan that I worked on for the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization. The plan was called the Continuation of Operation Plan or the COOP.  I realized then the plan that we as individuals put together should be more than a “emergency/disaster” preparedness plan. Families like business’s should think of this planning as a families COOP.  It  should be more than just having enough food and water for three days or a week. Think of it as plan to keep you and your family comfortable hence, I’ve dubbed it the Continuation of Comfort Plan (COCP).

Future posts will cover developing plans for a variety of disasters ranging from family to local regional and statewide ented, will help you with your comfort planning  instead thinking of preparing for an emergency or disaster think of it as preparing to be comfortable during and post disaster.  I don’t know about you,  but I like the idea of being safe and comfortable.

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